When purchasing real estate in Egypt after the full payment the seller must give the buyer Taukil.

Taukil is a kind of general power of attorney, which can not be revoked, a document certifying the transfer of ownership to the buyer. In precise wording, transfer the entire volume of the rights of the dwelling with all legal guarantees.

Taukil has a well defined shape and fields for that are subject to all transaction data, information on current and former owners of the property. To have other information than the prescribed manner, is impossible.

The entire document should be drawn up only in Arabic. Drafting and certification of the document takes place in Shara Akari (notary office), the same side – the property owner shall affix the signature on paper, while the buyer is not necessarily present. No additional registration taukil is not required. In Egypt, only the owner has the right to dispose of the property or his representative, a power of attorney is issued by a notary public, and it should be clearly spelled out the powers of the authorized person.

In the notary’s office you can obtain a duly certified duplicate taukil if the original was lost. All information on issued taukil is stored in the state archives perpetuity. If taukil is lost, no third party will not be able to use it – it accurately identifies the owner of the property and its powers, and only he has the right to dispose of them.

Taukil is the main document in transactions or transfer of inherited property in Egypt, it indicates a transfer of all rights to the object. Base and the amount of transmission of transaction in the document are not listed.