Trust management

Trust management

Our company offers you a service for trust management, the duration of your absence.
Most people who have decided to buy an apartment in Hurghada, made the decision for permanent residence, the comfort of an annual holiday, or invest money in a property for a long term investment. If you are in this category, then this service will take care of all your issues and problems. You do not need to worry about unpaid bills, unscrupulous tenants or sloppy neighbors. We will make sure that your property is safe and profitable.

Property Administration is Hurgahda is on the basis of the contract which the owner sends an apartment or villa and places it under the control of our company. We, in turn, will be required to monitor its condition, maintenance, pay utility bills and maintenance of the complex (if any). At anytime of your choosing, you can also rent out the apartment.

Using this service, you will receive:

– Continuous monitoring of the general state of your property in Hurghada.

– Storage of all keys and important documents in the office.

– Full administrative and legal support.

– Search for paying and decent tenants.

– Transfer proceeds to your account.

– Preparation of the apartment for your arrival.

If you have any other suggestions, you can discuss it with the manager.

If you are interested in this offer or you have any questions – please contact us!